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Jillian's intention was to use a similar structure to the one she used before to connect with her community.  However, instead of interviewing the general public like she did in 2017-2018, the interviews are with people that work in the beauty industry: people that work behind the chair, people that are nail techs, estheticians, salon owners, managers, and instructors. 


The invitation was to explore their own perceptions of beauty, to celebrate them, look at how they have evolved, question them, express them, and, perhaps, even shift them. During this conversation we celebrate, explore, and take a step back to see where they stand in their views of themselves, beauty and how they got to where they are now. We talk about the things that inspired them to start working in the beauty industry, why they choose to stay, how they impact it, and how it has impacted them especially with current events.  It has been amazing opportunity to connect over our experiences and journey of who we are as a humans and a stylists.  


Jillian is honored to share these interviews with you!
This page has all ten beauty statements from these interviews!


-Read about the interviews here in her blog where 

Jillian gets to celebrate her voice in this project! 

-Listen to the interviews here on the Spotify channel! 

-Watch them here on the Youtube channel!

There's much to explore here. 

Much more than what's on the surface. (Like beauty itself!)  

So let's dive deep into the depths and vastness 

of what these wonderful people have to share about beauty! 

YOU make beauty beautiful. 

YOU make the beauty industry beautiful!


Allie White 
Stylist at Midtown Curls Reno, Nv.

"Beauty to me is perseverance and strength, going through the hard stuff.
The beauty industry means to me a place where you can fit in, no matter what, regardless of limitations, expectations or trends. 
What I would like people to know about the beauty industry is that you are accepted. There is a place for you. 
I am beautiful because I am strong, accepting, and inclusive."

Greg "The Hair Dad"
Does his daughter's hair on YouTube!

"Beauty to me is treating people the way you want to be treated and being treated the way you deserve. 
I am beautiful because I think I am. 
My daughter is beautiful because she makes herself that way, not because I make her that way."

Allison Stock
Zandi-K Salons Stylist, Educator, and Director of Talent and Education 
Denver, Co

"Beauty to me is being kind to yourself.
The beauty industry means to me that we get to help with people’s self esteem. Also, this industry is exciting and creative. 
What I would like people to know about the beauty industry is that it’s irreplaceable. 
I am beautiful because I am a real person and I am really good at relationships."

Christina Bowers
Owner and Stylist at Sacred Salon Truckee, Ca.

"Beauty to me is love. 
The beauty industry is a responsibility to make it what we want it to be and help cultivate love in our clients on that platform. 
What I would like people to know about the beauty industry is that demand leads to supply. You can consume what is most supportive for self care and love and encourage the industry to be what you want it to be by making mindful choices. 
I am beautiful because I love my imperfections. I am beautiful because I love."

Tracy Freeman
Aveda Educator, Hair Color Professional, and Texture Artist at Square One Salon and Spa, Ohio. 

"Beauty to me is powerful. To have the power to change someone’s life is amazing. 
The beauty industry means to me change and growth. It’s everchanging. Everytime it changes you grow and change into something else.
What I would like people to know about the beauty industry is it’s fun and exciting. We are intelligent, smart, people. We love what we do. We are day makers. It’s impactful to everyone. 
I am beautiful because I am a strong, black, resilient, caring and impactful woman!"

Jenes Carter
Owner and Nail Artist at Beautiful Nails Reno, Nv.

"Beauty to me is those moments when you feel at your best, those moments of accepting the self.
The beauty industry is a responsibility. It means to me a way to reach others and help them to acquire that feeling of beauty and self worth, to get closer to that and to accept and feel good about themselves. 
What I want people to know about the beauty industry is that no one is your slave. We are here to make you feel good. We are not your bitches. 
I am beautiful because I am willing to continue to grow and understand others and to continue to learn how to understand myself."

Megan Piety
Owner and Stylist at Kinship Hair Co. Santa Cruz, Ca. 

"Beauty to me is whole hearted connection. 
The beauty industry is an opportunity to educate yourself further, to be in a constant learning environment, and to build a bigger, deeper community that goes beyond what’s happening on the outside.
I am beautiful because I choose to use love and kindness as well as awareness every day. It’s a part of my daily practice.
What I would like people to know is you are so much deeper than your hair or your make up or what’s happening on the outside. You are a soul in a human body. You have beautiful ideas and thoughts. You have lots of love to give and that’s what truly matters. You matter."

Tara Murphy
Owner and Stylist at Estrella Collective Santa Cruz, Ca.

"Beauty to me is what you cannot see but it is how it makes you feel. That sparkle, shine, the inner and outer glow. That intangible thing that can be very tangible. Beauty is honesty and authenticity.
The Beauty Industry means to me an ever changing and dynamic community that we belong to that really needs to come together as a whole right now. 
What I would like people to know about the beauty industry is there are some of us where its not just about vanity or just about getting your haircut. 
I am beautiful because I care less than ever and I care more than ever (at the same time.) I feel the most comfortable in my body. I feel strong and secure. And my inner beauty… I am willing to face challenges, face uncomfortability and take it on. Scars are beautiful. I am willing to show my scars. "

Bronwyn Parsons
Owner and Stylist at Willow and Wolfe Santa Cruz, Ca.

"Beauty to me is a feeling that once we are able to dive deep and pull it out. It’s a feeling that we are all created perfectly differently. We are all different but in that difference we are perfectly created. Beauty truly is the fact that we all have something unique to offer to this life. And that’s what beauty is created from.
The beauty industry means to me lifeline. Change. Everchanging. I love how we have the opportunity to decide where we want to go in the beauty industry. I love how we have the opportunity to make changes whether its more grand scale of what you are working with i.e. eco products that are beneficial for the earth and our health. Or even more on a microscale where you are one on one with your guest and you're able to help them release their inner radiance. It’s a lifeline to creatives who want to make a difference. 
I would like people to know that the beauty industry is multifaceted. It’s not just one thing. It’s not one type of person. It is a crystal ball that holds the universe. There is so much inside of it and it goes so deep that if you looked into the beauty industry it might just seem esthetic, it’s just about looks. It’s about how things are perceived. And in actuality, it’s so much more than that. Hair stylists and everyone that makes up the beauty industry have been able to show that with the closures and everyone was fighting for us to come back because we offer a feeling, not just a service. 
I am beautiful because I feel deeply. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. And because I feel deeply, I feel deeply for others. I am able to give people the opportunity and the space to feel those things that aren’t so comfortable for them and get to the root of their truth and their authenticity, to feel those amazing feelings of beauty."

Jillian Haun
Stylist, Creator/Founder of The Beauty Project.

“Beauty to me is everything and nothing. It’s everywhere, and nowhere. It is the particles that make up matter and it’s the space between.  
The beauty industry means the world to me. It’s my inspiration for creation. To create something beautiful whether it be on someone’s head of hair or an art piece means I have purpose. The industry means connection and an opportunity for connection, aliveness and depth. Just as everything else in this world, it is what we choose to make it. It’s an opportunity to overcome and become a better, kinder human being by showing up for yourself and others. It’s the industry I know that I was meant to be a part of. 
What I would like people to know about the beauty industry is that we are powerful human beings with the ability to meet you with kindness, create a piece of artwork on your body. We are brilliant beings who are there for you for more than just your haircut. We have huge compassionate, kind hearts that get in the industry to help you see your true authentic beauty. 
I am beautiful because I choose kindness, my heart and joy as my guiding posts. I am beautiful because of the gap in my teeth, my cheek breaking grin and the stretch marks on my heart because of my ability to say yes to growth. I am beautiful because I am a human being, because I am of this world and that in itself is enough to be beautiful.”

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