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Supported by Community

The Beauty Project Foundation's mission is to make beauty and self care services accessible to people that are experiencing financial distress while simultaneously taking care of the service provider’s time and cost.

Founded in 2023 in Reno, NV The Beauty Project is a community funded program with the goal and aspiration to become a world wide initiative that any beauty professional can get on board with. 

The Beauty Project Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit.

Ensuring access to beauty services is vital to us because we recognize the historical exclusion within the beauty industry that has affected entire segments of our population. For this, we offer our sincere acknowledgment and apology. At The Beauty Project Foundation, we understand that hairstylists and service providers deserve a sustainable means of supporting their livelihoods. We are committed to bridging the gap between clients facing financial challenges and these essential service providers.

Our mission is to actively restore access to hair and beauty services by fostering connections within our community. None of this would be possible without the unwavering dedication of our providers, the courage of our clients, and the incredible support from our community.

Presently, our operations are wholly sustained by the generosity of our community.

We firmly believe that beauty services are a fundamental aspect of human care, and we advocate that every individual, regardless of circumstance, deserves to be cared for.

Together, we uphold the belief that every body deserves nurturing and attention.


How it works:
1. Sponsor gives money via online non-profit foundation portal.

2. Donation is saved for a recipient.

3. Recipient is granted services. 

4. Provider is paid through non-profit. 

Are you looking to be a recipient?

This is a sliding scale/ pay what you can program. 
Please fill out the application to be considered.

You will be contacted within a week about the status of your application and following steps.

Contact with any questions. 


Ready to support?
If you're in a position to contribute financially to sustain these vital services, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your generosity fuels our mission, shaping dreams into reality for countless individuals in our community.
Donate HERE!

The Beauty Project Merch

Support The Beauty Project Foundation by purchasing your merchandise online!

*All proceeds go to The Beauty Project Foundation, inc.*

Meet Our  Reno, NV Providers


Jillian Haun
Founder & hairstylist

Meet Jillian, having embarked on the journey as a hairstylist since 2013, she has an ever-growing drive to bring a positive touch to the world through her hair artistry. With a focus on luxury services crafted for the everyday person, Jillian's specialty lies in creating effortlessly chic, lived-in looks. It's not just about the style; it's about making sure your hair and scalp stay happy and healthy in the process!


In her free time you can find Jillian dancing in at a funky music show, hanging with her partner and her kitties or writing in a coffeeshop!

Jillian welcomes all genders, haircut lengths and haircut transformations in her chair!

TBPF services provided: haircuts


Bear Mariah


Meet Bear, having been doing hair for over a decade, specializing in BIPOC natural hair care. Their passion for natural hair care ignited while they lived in a small town in Oregon where they were one of two stylists in the whole town who worked with black hair. Many of their clients at that time shared stories of the deep depressions they fell into because they had no choice but to neglect their hair due to the lack of BIPOC specialist stylists. That experience truly made them understand how important the work they do can be and how much of a privilege they have to possess the knowledge that they do. They believe a picture can be worth a thousand words, and they apply that belief to how people present themselves as well. 

Bear works with The Beauty Project Foundation because they believe everyone should have the option to put their best foot forward and make the best impression they can, regardless of their financial situation. They also understand the impact neglecting hair can have on mental health; looking good often translates to feeling good, and they want to help people feel their best. 

TBPF services provided: deep conditioning treatments, haircuts, silk presses, twist outs, wash & go, and cornrows. 

Jasmine Molnar,  
Massage Therapist

After a decade in the luxury spa industry, Jasmine took a leap of faith by founding Sacred Wellness Reno where each massage is a blend of modalities from around the world to craft unique and enduring impacts on your physical and mental well-being.


As a new mom, she has found her calling with The Beauty Project, providing pre and postnatal massages to mothers in need. She wholeheartedly supports The Beauty Project because she believes 'Self-Care is Sacred' and should be accessible to everyone. 


Jasmine strives to help individuals reconnect with their bodies in a positive and healthy manner, rebuilding trust in a safe space. Massage, with its profound healing effects on stress and anxiety, fosters relaxation and can help prenatal clients enter their births with confidence while alternately aiding in postpartum healing. Jasmine looks forward to our healing journey together. 


You are worthy. You are whole. You are Sacred.

TBPF services provided: pre and postnatal massages to mothers


Summer Floto, 
Massage Therapist

Summer, a licensed massage therapist from Reno, is deeply passionate about the therapeutic effects of bodywork, recognizing its impact not only on the body but on the individual as a whole.

She emphasizes the profound influence of bodily sensations on various aspects of life, advocating for a balanced body that moves efficiently and experiences fewer restrictions to alleviate pain and promote relaxation.

Summer has joins The Beauty Project Foundation for its mission to increase access to personal care services, believing that financial constraints should never hinder individuals from receiving essential care.

In her perspective, feeling good within one's body contributes to a more beautiful world overall, highlighting the interconnectedness between personal well-being and the collective experience of beauty.

TBPF services provided: body work


Meg Gardner


Meet Meg, an experienced esthetician with 3+ years of dedicated service. Passionate about enhancing individuals' confidence through optimal skin care, Meg believes in providing everyone the chance to look and feel their best. Proudly joining The Beauty Project Team, Meg, a Reno native, specializes in facials and brow services.

In their
 free time, she enjoys the company of their beloved cat, Lydia, and indulges in solo video game sessions.

Meg looks forward to welcoming you for a rejuvenating experience! 

TBP services provided: facials & brows




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The Beauty Project

Reno, NV

Meg Gardner 
Lil Devil Esthetics

Reno, NV

Summer Floto 
Poised Posture Massage

Reno, NV

Bear Mariah 
The Beauty Project

Reno, NV

Jasmine Molner -

Sacred Wellness

Reno, NV

Love From Our Clients

The Beauty Project Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit. (EIN 93-1564667)

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