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Jillian Haun The Beauty Project Salon and Non Profit


Where I come from & what I stand for ...

Hello beautiful, I am Jillian Haun! I am originally from North Lake Tahoe and Santa Cruz, California. After a short stint in Kansas City, Missouri I am now proudly serving our Reno, Nevada community!

As someone who has struggled with body image, self-esteem and the beauty industry for a good majority of her life, I created The Beauty Project to remind myself to stay curious and to remind myself of my humanity in hopes I can do the same for others.  As an interdisciplinary artist/hairstylist, I believe being an artist and a hairstylist are not separate.  Styling hair is an art form and should be valued as such.


Through years of experience and research I have learned of the beauty industry's negative impact on the planet and humanity and my intention is to change that.I chose to expand my confidence, to follow my dreams, and to find a community in which I can create this beautiful vision into my reality.  Now I am able to combine my love for doing hair, my love for exploring what beauty really is, and what brings The Beauty Project to life while being mindful of using low-waste and low-toxic products.

 I have been a hairstylist since 2013 and have never been more inspired, driven, and motivated to make a positive impact with my craft because I believe our humanity needs this now more than ever. I offer luxury services customized for the everyday human.  I specialize in creating fresh, lived-in-everyday looks that you can recreate and style with the health and integrity of your hair and scalp at the forefront !

My specialties: 

- Haircuts of all lengths & textures: transformation cuts, curly cuts, basic maintenance shape up cuts, mullets or transitioning from short to long with minimal grow out frustrations!  

- Scalp treatments & styling: I love offering scalp treatments as a gentle way to clear up stressed out scalps . And I offer styling and styling lessons. 

Services I do not offer: Chemical relaxers, keratin treatments or perms, bald (straight razor) fades, hair color, platinum blondes, vivids/fashion unicorn hair. * If you are looking for these services and cannot find someone that aligns with your values, please email me and I will do my best to match you to a salon or stylist! 


A Consultation Like Never Before: 
My promise is to make sure you have the confidence to make your hair look great from home by ensuring you have the tools and skills. I take great pride in my thorough consultation time with each guest, and I want to make sure we are on the same page not only for our first appointment but every single appointment we have together. I love being a part of your self expression and having an opportunity to assist and serve. I love when you come to me with a vision, and we can create a short term and a long term plan to create your vision and self expression into your day to day life. I also love when we have built enough trust that you trust me to do whatever I want! (Within reason, of course!)

What I offer...

Beyond the surface...

Most stylists offer a great conversation about what you have been up to and what trips you have planned. While we very much may talk about those topics, we have an opportunity to talk about inner and outer beauty. What your experience has been with it throughout your lifetime, what it is, and what makes it so powerful. I love creating a space for those to dive deeper into the layers and realms of beauty with the possibility of perspective shifts and expansion. I believe being still and quiet is an important piece to reflect on true beauty and so, there is plenty of time to be in silence during our time together. 
I am a dynamic human with lots of creative ideas, dreams and the drive to make them come into existence. I love working as a hairstylist because it is an opportunity to be my creative self, connect and build relationships with other human beings, and to Iearn what is alive for you while creating art on your head. I don't take this lightly as it is sacred and special to be able to hold such trust.
When I am not in the salon you can find me dancing, hanging with my kitties, out camping with my partner in our camper van, or at a cool and groovy coffee shop writing! I love exploring new creative endeavors and different parts of our beautiful world and I have a deep love for painting.
Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!
- Jillian 


“Jillian has not only helped me to understand and embrace my natural curls after years of chemical straighteners, but she is also a kind and caring woman who listens to my needs. I’ve never had a better salon experience. I also recommended my mother-in-law come in to talk with her the very next day after my haircut!”

- Autumn B.

“Jillian is great. I have never had someone spend so much time talking to me about my hair and helping me figure out what it is that I want. I leave her appointments feeling uplifted and encouraged. And while I feel great outwardly because I got a new cut :), I feel empowered inwardly. Whatever you are doing, KEEP DOING IT!"

- Sara J.

“Jillian is as talented as any 'super' master stylist I've encountered in 20 years of haircuts at high end salons in US and Europe. She has a true feel for hair and can fix even the stupidest of mistakes (I had one bad experience prior to seeing her and I couldn't believe how expertly and confidently she dealt with it and turned it into a beautiful haircut). She's also absolutely delightful to interact with. I look forward to my next appointment and will recommend her to everyone I know in this area.”

- Corina T.

“In my four decades of haircuts, this was the best cut for my curly hair I have ever had. Jillian is an amazing artist.”

- Melissa S.

“Thank you so much for the above and beyond service!  It has been about a week since I got my hair cut and I am still totally in LOVE with my wavy/ curly hair.  I have had so many bad haircuts over the years and finally I feel really good about my natural hair.  The last two years I have spent "blowing out" my hair because I was so unhappy with my wavy/ curly hair."

- Alessia P.

“My curly cut with Jillian was by far the best salon experience I have had in my life! I am raving to everyone about Jillian. I have very thick, curly hair and have had many bad experiences in the past. I loved how Jillian consulted with me about my hair and what I wanted, but also gave great recommendations. I am excited to be back for balayage in a couple weeks!”

- Athena Z.

"I was a little lost on finding a hair salon. I had a couple mishaps along the way trying to find someone here which is how I found your salon. Jillian gave me the BEST consultation I have ever had. She really, truly listened to me and talked with me for almost an hour before even touching my hair to make sure she knew exactly what I wanted for my cut and also for my future color appointment. She was able to decipher all the non-technical terms I was using to describe the cut I wanted and gave me exactly what I had in mind. I left feeling so comfortable and excited to start my hair journey with Jillian. This was one of the best salon experiences I have had in a long time. Thank you for everything.”

- Leah B.

“I just want to reiterate as many times as possible that Jillian is the actual BEST EVER, and I feel so lucky to have her as my stylist! She took my hair to a whole new level with this cut plus a styling lesson a week later and finally I have the sexy, sassy, put-together, hip hair I have always wanted. At 30 years old, I FINALLY learned how to care for my natural waves and how to properly curl my hair on non-air-dry days :) So grateful! 
I especially love that Jillian doesn't try to offer or suggest product she knows won't work for me; she got to know me so genuinely that she KNOWS I'm active, athletic, busy, outside a lot, and low-key (and, let's face it, unskilled when it comes to hair styling), so she gives me cuts, styles, products, and advice that work with my lifestyle. In fact, when I try to ask for a cut that she knows I won't maintain or style (i.e., "I want the same haircut you have right now!!"), she gently encourages me toward something more realistic that always looks amazing on me. Plus she is fun and funny and forgiving when I do something stupid like let my friend cut my hair or don't get my hair cut for 10 months (oops!). And every product she has recommended to me is absolutely perfect for what I want. THANK YOU, Jillian!"

- Julia S.

"I have never gone anywhere better to have my hair cut! Jillian was amazing and got my hair and beard ready for my wedding. She was super sweet and listened to all of my concerns and helped me look my best for my wife. If you need a haircut to look your best, look no further than Jillian!"

- Justin S.

"Jillian is an amazing person and gives excellent cuts!"

- Jane B.

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the personal care I’ve received from Jillian; she takes the time to listen to my hair goals and offers wonderful advice. I’ve always been happy with my styles from her so I didn’t hesitate recommending her. My son has had some awful cuts in the past at other salons and reluctantly agreed to see Jillian. She really heard what he wanted and gave him a great cut. You are a fabulous stylist and genuinely kind person and we appreciate it. Thanks so much."

- Stephanie & Evan B.

"I have nothing, but extreme compliments for Jillian.  I have NEVER seen such “care and feeling” by a salon for the overall story of our hair, our heads and how we are connected to this part of our being.  Thank you for designing the experience to take such an in-depth look. Jillian- even though we are friends- was completely professional and welcoming, being able to blend her worlds seamlessly. I love how open she and you are to feedback.  While I have nothing about the experience I would change, I feel completely comfortable knowing if I did I could without you all taking it personally and it causing some un-pleasantries (which I have had before in my experiences with stylists). I look forward to working with Jillian on my goals for my "hair-do”!

- Holli M.

"I love my cut! It was exactly what I wanted and this is the happiest I have been with a haircut in years!"

- Jennifer P.

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