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Become a beauty explorer...


Discovering your truest, most beautiful self is challenging in a culture that tells you that you have to fit a certain mold. At The Beauty Project you are empowered to explore who you are at your core all while celebrating your natural and unique self expression! It is here at The Beauty Project, that we commit to cultivating harmony by blending inner and outer beauty and providing customized hair services for the everyday human. Are you ready to explore?

Get to know me & The Beauty Project

Hello! My name is Jillian Haun!

Going to a new stylist can be nerve racking, vulnerable and adventurous!

Are we the right match?

Let's begin by getting to know your new stylist, Jillian.

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Jillian Haun

Reserve your

Haircuts &
scalp treatments:

 Upon scheduling please choose "Consult about the look" + "service option" this will give us our consultation time to get to know one another and come up with our game plan!

Please use the guideline
to choose the best option for you!

New guest appointments scheduled without a consultation time will not be accepted.
Thank you for your understanding!

All services are gender and age neutral. This system allows us to focus on the art and creativity of expression.  
100% of any gratuity added to services will go to 
sponsoring hair services with The Pay It Forward Program​ & is completely optional. 

Please take a moment to read cancelation and late policies. 


Your haircut and color will be fully customized based on your consultation, desired result, and starting canvas. You will leave your experience at the salon feeling confident in yourself and your at home haircare routine. Let's begin by sitting down getting to know one another and talking about your hair dreams, challenges, history and goals.
*required for all new guests*


Time commitment: 30 mins

Investment: $50

DRY Haircut

This is a time saving and super budget friendly haircut option! When coming into this appointment please: come in with CLEAN and DRY hair and know exactly what you would like for your cut.

This service does not include a wash nor all the other fun "bells and whistles" that come with other services.*


Time commitment: 30 mins

Investment: $55

Express Haircut

With this quick service you will be in and out of the salon and on with your day in an hour.

Already existing (NO SHAPE CHANGES)
- Above the ear styles like pixies, fades and business cuts. 

-Dry cuts/ mircotrims 

-Existing curly hair guests
*Wash and style are not guaranteed 


Time commitment: 1 hour

Investment: $100

The Essential Haircut

Your option for making some changes, or maintaining what you have going for you now with a wash and style.
This option is great for medium to thick hair. 

- Maintaining haircuts of all lengths & textures. 

-Taking off no more than 1-2 inches on shoulder length, long layered, or short curly haircuts. No shape changes.


- Transitioning from short to long with minimal grow out frustrations!

Time commitment: 90 mins

Investment: $150

Transformation Haircut

Ready to cut it all off, spice it up, or do a complete shape change? Perhaps you have TONS of hair are ready to shape up your layers and get that weight lightened up! This is a whole new you!

- For haircuts of all lengths & textures.  

-Taking off more than 4 inches, installing above the ear styles like pixies, fades and business cuts.

- Transitioning from long to short!!

Time commitment: 2 hours

Investment: $195

Curly Haircut

Your wavy, curly hair's best friend. Cut dry, tailored to each individual curl. Washing and reset with proper product and diffused to style,

- For haircuts of all lengths & wavy to curly textures.

 - For discovery curl sessions

- Diffuser styled haircuts
*Includes styling lesson


Time commitment: 2 hours

Investment: $195

Detox Haircut

An upgrade from your basic haircut! Includes luxurious detox hair wash, scalp exfoliation and treatment, hydrating mask and hot towel treatment + customized haircut & style.
For those wanting to add more of a spa experience to your haircut, stressed out scalps, seasonal dryness.


Time Commitment: 

Express/ no style: 90 mins
With Style: 2 hours


Express/ no style: $150

With style: $195

Scalp Facial

A facial for your scalp! Relax and unwind during a mini meditation, dry scalp massage, gentle scalp exfoliation, cleanse, and treatment with hot towel. Includes blow-dry/ style if applicable.

*Not a magical cure for medical eczema, psoriasis, or dandruff, but gentle enough to encourage and promote a healthy scalp. 


Time Commitment: 

Express/ no style: 45 mins

With Style: 90 mins


Express: $75

With Style: $150

Styling Lesson

During this one on one coaching session, we will cover the products and tools you should be using as well as how to use them.

This will be fully tailored to your needs.
Beginners to experts welcome.

Time Commitment: 60- 75 min

Investment: $100


Sometimes I’ve wanted to have an “out” or a chance to not have to talk when it is essentially expected to not seem rude. 


We all need time to recharge, take some time for reflection, lean into relaxation. Sometimes we don’t get to just be while out in our busy lives. This is a chance to be still, quiet and turn everything off. 


So after our consultation about your service, we don’t have to talk at all. 



1. Simply booking online like normal.

2. Then choose the “Silent Appointment” service to add on to your services 


During our consultation, please ask for a silent appointment. You don’t have to explain yourself and you can use this whenever you would like, no questions asked. 

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