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Jillian Haun - The Beauty Project History


Since 2015, Jillian has delved into the exploration of perceptions surrounding "beauty," embarking on an ever-evolving venture known as The Beauty Project. This initiative involves posing thought-provoking questions such as: What defines beauty? How do individuals perceive beauty? And, what does beauty mean on both a personal and collective level?

Through the exploration of these inquiries, The Beauty Project aims to ignite personal growth and foster a deeper understanding of the self, as well as others and the broader context of the world. By tapping into these questions, the project seeks to cultivate heightened curiosity regarding the beauty inherent in human beings and the surrounding environment. In essence, The Beauty Project serves as an insightful exploration into diverse individuals' relationships with the concept of beauty.

The inception of The Beauty Project stemmed from a discontentment with the narrow societal perspective on beauty. Given Jillian's deep involvement in the beauty industry, particularly in her career as a hairstylist, she frequently experiences frustration with the prevalent self-perception issues among individuals. This frustration is not only directed outward but also inward, as she grapples with her own occasional challenges in self-view. The primary aim of The Beauty Project is to transform dialogues surrounding beauty and exert a positive influence on the beauty industry.


In the 2017-2018 iteration of The Beauty Project, Jillian conducted interviews with fifty individuals from the general public to delve into their perspectives on beauty. This period allowed her to shape the structure of the project and deepen her comprehension while establishing connections within her community. Engaging in this process proved to be a meaningful and impactful experience as she explored her personal relationship with beauty and actively listened to the diverse viewpoints of others.

After the initial 2020 shutdown, Jillian redirected her focus to dive into the beauty industry. Employing a similar structure to her previous approach, she engaged with professionals within the beauty realm, including hairstylists, nail techs, estheticians, salon owners, managers, and instructors. The Beauty Project: Exploring Beauty 2020 aimed to prompt these industry insiders to reflect on their own beauty perceptions, celebrate their evolution, question, and express them. The conversations delved into personal and professional inspirations, reasons for staying in the industry, their impact on it, and the reciprocal influence of current events. This dialogue offered a unique opportunity to connect over shared experiences and the journey of self-discovery, both as individuals and as contributors to the beauty field.

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