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The Beauty Project is an eco & community minded, gender inclusive salon in Reno, Nevada.

Discovering your truest, most beautiful self is challenging in a culture that tells you that you have to fit a certain mold. At The Beauty Project you are empowered to explore who you are at your core all while celebrating your natural and unique self expression! It is here at The Beauty Project, that we commit to cultivating harmony by blending inner and outer beauty and providing customized hair services for the everyday human. 

Are you ready to explore?

Making beauty services
more accessible 

In addition to our regular salon services, we believe that everyone deserves to take care of their self care regardless of financial status. That is why we have created The Beauty Project Foundation: Pay What You Can Program. This is for individuals who may not be able to afford beauty services to gain access through community funding.
The Beauty Project Foundation is a 501c3 Nonprofit.

Community Events Calendar

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