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Tables Turned: Exploring the Beauty Industry with Jillian Haun

September 23, 2020

Jillian Haun Stylist, Creator/Founder of The Beauty Project.

I was sweating through my shirt with nerves and excitement through this interview. I love anything with Karen. Having her interview me was quite an experience!

When I first met Karen, I was enamored by her enthusiasm and passion for things that are important to her. She is an incredibly talented musician and teacher. Her interviewing and conversation skills inspire me to be a better human and to grow. Karen has always created a safe space for me to share without reservation and all of my truth including, especially the hard stuff.

This interview is special to me because it highlights my story, voice, and discusses where I am now.

I appreciated having the tables turned around on me because I love asking these kinds of questions. I think that it is very important for me to know and review where I stand. Honestly, I was uncomfortable listening to this recording because it was all about me. I find it so weird hearing myself talk about my own journey. It was definitely a reminder to have integrity of my word, to have thoughtfulness, and to take pauses to say what I mean and mean what I say.

It has been such an incredible journey learning to be a human being. I have been given an incredible hand at life that I do not take for granted. I have always had really supportive parents to pretty much anything I’ve chosen to do, including hair. And, I am so grateful to have had so many supportive people on my beauty industry path!

That's not to say it hasn't been a wild ride -- from my low self-esteem in high school, to going to beauty school, and then becoming the person I am now... I am often called a light with my smile and joy impacting salons and people I connect with daily. As Kahlil Gibran put it in the Prophet, with sorrow there is joy on the other side and with joy there is always sorrow. The joy comes from the choice that I had made to carve out the sorrow in myself too. There is darkness in the beauty industry, I've lived in it. I have even participated and helped perpetuate it. It makes me sad but it also inspires me.

My own struggle and experiences with body image have ultimately helped me. It's not something I would ever recommend or condone. However, it has given me understanding, compassion, and empathy for others that go through similar struggles with body image when they share those stories with me. It has also given me a drive to be passionate about taking care of myself and using my voice.

I've loved learning how to influence places and spaces (especially salons) with my light. I adore having people around me that inspire me to be better and to do better. I love creating relationships with my coworkers and my clientele. I enjoy building trust with people and learning about their lives.

Karen put it like this, "[I have] a very special vision for deep, authentic connection -- soul stirring connection with [my] clients. The touch, the physical, literal touch is also a figurative one because [I am] inviting and freeing people to be able to be really authentic with [me] while undergoing an outward transformation."

Karen and I talk about how, "it's not just hair." It wasn't just hair when we gave your kids a haircut for their first day of school. It wasn't just hair for your wedding. We are the people that are there for you when you find out you have cancer. (Listen to the interview to hear more about this!)

In those moments, we are the lights who hold you.

What I would like people to know most about the industry is that we are smart, brilliant, and creative badasses that need to be honored and celebrated. We are doing a community service by showing up with drive, compassion, and empathy that I believe should be honored, respected... valued.

I hope you enjoy this episode where I'm in the hot seat!

Love and gratitude,


Creator/ Founder of The Beauty Project

Jillian's Beauty Statement: “Beauty to me is everything and nothing. It’s everywhere, and nowhere. It is the particles that make up matter and it’s the space between.

The beauty industry means the world to me. It’s my inspiration for creation. To create something beautiful whether it be on someone’s head of hair or an art piece means I have purpose. The industry means connection and an opportunity for connection, aliveness and depth. Just as everything else in this world, it is what we choose to make it. It’s an opportunity to overcome and become a better, kinder human being by showing up for yourself and others. It’s the industry I know that I was meant to be a part of.

What I would like people to know about the beauty industry is that we are powerful human beings with the ability to meet you with kindness, create a piece of artwork on your body. We are brilliant beings who are there for you for more than just your haircut. We have huge compassionate, kind hearts that get in the industry to help you see your true authentic beauty.

I am beautiful because I choose kindness, my heart and joy as my guiding posts. I am beautiful because of the gap in my teeth, my cheek breaking grin and the stretch marks on my heart because of my ability to say yes to growth. I am beautiful because I am a human being, because I am of this world and that in itself is enough to be beautiful.”

Listen to Episode:

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