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Rainbows and Butterflies







Like Earth Day being everyday at The Beauty Project, Pride Month is every month here.

I am cautious about throwing rainbows around without being intentional about what I am actually actively doing. Because The Beauty Project was born because of the disappointment of surface level bullshit and lack of integrity and the desire to bring forth more love, kindness and joy inside the beauty industry.

“PRIDE is a feeling of pleasure or celebration related to our accomplishments or efforts” - Brene Brown

What does this look like in The Beauty Project? Not just this month. But all the time and forever.

✨Time based pricing — gender free pricing structure. Hair does not have a gender.

✨Respectful of choice of pronouns.

✨Approachable and welcoming space.

Why does this matter to me?

✨ I thought I was gay when I was 15. SURPRISE. I’m not, I have a straight seeming relationship that I am very happy in. But it’s more than what meets the stereotypical heterosexual relationship. I’m happy to share about that part of myself over a coffee date, if you want to chat about it sometime.

✨When I had short hair, it DID not make sense to me that just because I was in a female body I would be charged more for a haircut than someone in a man body even if it was the exact same haircut!? As I dove deep into the beauty industry, it continued to not make sense to me. I was pink taxing my fellow womxn! Wtf?

✨I have more work to do, and I acknowledge that. I’m learning and growing and allowing myself to expand through this journey and it is so special. Thank you for being a part of it.

The Beauty Project is full of PRIDE 💕

Kind, thoughtful, compassionate human beings are welcome here! We do not hate on others or cause harm.

So here’s my bandwagon rainbow 🌈

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