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How to schedule your body work appointment

To schedule your body work appointment please schedule here

Choose however long of an appointment you would like. You have 1 body work appointment on a pay what you can scholarship per 8 weeks.

Summer Floto, 
Massage Therapist

Summer, a licensed massage therapist from Reno, is deeply passionate about the therapeutic effects of bodywork, recognizing its impact not only on the body but on the individual as a whole.

She emphasizes the profound influence of bodily sensations on various aspects of life, advocating for a balanced body that moves efficiently and experiences fewer restrictions to alleviate pain and promote relaxation.

Summer has joins The Beauty Project Foundation for its mission to increase access to personal care services, believing that financial constraints should never hinder individuals from receiving essential care.

In her perspective, feeling good within one's body contributes to a more beautiful world overall, highlighting the interconnectedness between personal well-being and the collective experience of beauty.

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