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How to schedule your hair appointment

To schedule your haircut appointment please text 775-386-2809:

1. Your availability (days and times) and how soon you'd like to get in. 
2. What your hair is like now and what you would like done.

Jillian Haun
Founder & hairstylist

Meet Jillian, having embarked on the journey as a hairstylist since 2013, she has an ever-growing drive to bring a positive touch to the world through her hair artistry. With a focus on luxury services crafted for the everyday person, Jillian's specialty lies in creating effortlessly chic, lived-in looks. It's not just about the style; it's about making sure your hair and scalp stay happy and healthy in the process!


In her free time you can find Jillian dancing in at a funky music show, hanging with her partner and her kitties or writing in a coffeeshop!

Jillian welcomes all genders, haircut lengths and haircut transformations in her chair!

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