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How to schedule your hair appointment

To schedule your haircut appointment please text 775-502-1338:

1. Your availability (days and times) and how soon you'd like to get in. 
2. What your hair is like now and what you would like done.

Bear Mariah

Bear has been doing hair for over a decade, specializing in BIPOC natural hair care. Their passion for natural hair care ignited while they lived in a small town in Oregon where they were one of two stylists in the whole town who worked with black hair. Many of their clients at that time shared stories of the deep depressions they fell into because they had no choice but to neglect their hair due to the lack of BIPOC specialist stylists.

That experience truly made them understand how important the work they do can be and how much of a privilege they have to possess the knowledge that they do. They believe a picture can be worth a thousand words, and they apply that belief to how people present themselves as well.

Bear works with The Beauty Project Foundation because they believe everyone should have the option to put their best foot forward and make the best impression they can, regardless of their financial situation. They also understand the impact neglecting hair can have on mental health; looking good often translates to feeling good, and they want to help people feel their best. 

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