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Leave Each Other Better Than How We Found One Another

A pounding passionate heart sits down on the bed after a long hard day of getting caught in the sh*t storm of life. The heart sighs. She is stripped down to her bare nothings. All she has on is her vulnerability.

She looks around her room and notices herself in the cracked mirror, her once enemy but turned friend.

Heart recalls a special memory and begins to tells a love story.

It’s a story of false beauty, the illusion of delusion we all fall into obsession with one way or another... Mirror was once very cruel and harsh to Heart. Running his mouth all around town, creating heartbreak and destruction everywhere. Mirror speared lies of deception and accusations across the lands. Though Mirror should and will be held accountable for his actions, he was only preaching what he knew. All that he was sharing was what he truly believed to be the truth because it was what had been told to him.

He was just doing what all the mirrors before him did.

But as the weight of expectation, greed, jealousy, and guilt piled up on Mirror, he cracked.

No longer could Mirror hold up the lies for he was weak and everyone was pointing and laughing at his imperfections just as he had done to them for so many years.

Authentic Authenticity sits on the shelf eagerly waiting for their part in the story as a starring role.

One day, Mirror decided he’s going to be brave and go out into the world and let his cracks show what’s really underneath the reflection. Unique beauty began to seep through the cracks. Soon, over flowing and flooding the earth with an overwhelming sense of what is believed to be the most important part of life — love.

So as our precious pounding Heart sits on the bed, looking with admiration at Mirror,

Mirror stands proud of his cracks because he said yes to the most truest, most beautiful self he has.

He knows he has done wrong in his past, he is regretful yet understands his own power and impacts.

May Heart reminds us that Mirror is your best ally in navigating this unusual portal.

Heal yourself


You will heal the world.

Be good to one another. Leave each other better than how we found one another.

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