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Gone are the days of “Women’s Haircuts” and “Men’s Haircuts” meaning one thing and one thing only - a price difference.

For many Womxn, maintaining a short haircut that takes the exact same time and skills than a Mxn getting the same hairstyle, but it costs MORE. We have been pink taxes womxn in so many ways and haircare is one of them.

For many Mxn, they want more done with their hair than just the 30 min fade. Some may want highlights, a blowout or scalp treatments. The options are endless but we have just been focusing on gendered hair services.

And for our trans and non-binary folks, on behalf of the beauty industry, I would like to apologize. We have not created a safe and welcoming place for you. I’m so sorry. We are learning and working to change that. You are a human being and deserve FABULOUS hair.

Hair is hair and doesn’t have a gender in my chair.

🍃You tell me your pronouns and I respect them.

🍃 You tell me your hair dreams we make them come true.

Hair is a renewable resource of creativity and self expression. We can use classic feminine techniques to create a softer look or we can use masculine techniques to create a bolder look. These are simply techniques that we can play with to find who and what you want to express yourself as. ** Hair care is undeniably a form of gender affirming care, as it plays a pivotal role in shaping one’s self-identity and confidence.

For individuals across the gender spectrum, the way they choose to style and care for their hair can be a powerful means of expressing their authentic selves.

Transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals, in particular, often undergo a profound transformation in their self-esteem and overall sense of identity when they are able to align their outward appearance with their gender identity.

Hair care, which includes haircuts, styling, and maintenance, is an essential aspect of this alignment. It allows people to define and embrace their true selves, fostering a sense of belonging, self-assuredness, and empowerment.

Whether we like it or not, hair care transcends the realm of aesthetics; it is a deeply personal and affirming journey that helps individuals become more in sync with their true gender identity.

So I ask— WHO ARE YOU? And what do YOU stand for?

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