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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

One step at a time

We walk our path

Finding a mess of breadcrumbs.

Turning one page after the next,

Our story becomes clearer.

The breadcrumbs are leading somewhere.

Sometimes sitting on the edge of our seats,

A cliffhanger comes

And then the breadcrumbs are everywhere again.

We pace back and forth

A hand on the forehead

A pounding in the chest.

Confusion and uncertainty set in.

Which way to go next?

What is going to happen next?

As the next chapter arrives,

Answers are given.

The unclear becomes clear.

Making decisions, we now understand.

A maturing of the story,

And ourselves, begins.

Soon, new characters are introduced.

And new places are traveled to.

Let's call those, new breadcrumbs.

It's without knowing where and when

The story ends

That we are forced to proceed.

At times, there are miles and miles

Without a single bread crumb in sight.

This may cause anguish and pain.

Tired and wanting to give up,

The suffering from loss feels unbearable.

The joy is as if it will never return.

Just as you go say you are done trying,

A breadcrumb appears.

The story keeps going...

And so must we.

All we can do is





All we can do is




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