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Welcome to The Beauty Project!

Hey Beautiful People!

Thank you so much for your interest in my project! I value you, your time, and all that you are doing to make the world a better, more beautiful place.

It's the one year anniversary of taking on the big choice to "leave" the beauty industry for exploration of new and different parts in myself. In celebration of this anniversary, I am SO EXCITED to announce I actually didn't leave! I just took a break. I am still very much apart of it in my own way. I actually miss doing hair so much. I miss connecting with clients and am beginning to be open to the actual practical possibilities of where and when I can do it again! (Just putting it out there if you know somewhere that might be a good fit and wants to adopt me into their community and family. Somewhere cool/ neat/ artsy and not in Tahoe/Reno and not in Santa Cruz.)

I just cannot believe the incredible gift I gave myself by choosing to give myself a friggin' break. 10/10, would highly recommend.

Only by my own doing and choices, I was overworked, uncertain, stuck in a rut of being in a life seemingly "happy and perfect." I was overwhelmed and needed space and time to think about what I really wanted for myself. It was such a wild journey to travel across the country with no big need to move somewhere or build a life somewhere until I felt it in my heart that it was time.

(Of course there is always more to the story, right? I know I could write about it all day and forever. So stay tuned for blogs to follow.)


I have spent this summer interviewing people in the beauty industry about beauty and what it’s like being in the industry for them. I believe that it’s an incredible industry and to be a part of it is truly something miraculous. I am here now to highlight some of the people that I believe are making waves to make a positive impact on it and our world. I invite you to take some time from your "aimless scrolling" to scroll with some purpose around my shiny new website to learn more in depth of The Beauty Project, there is much to explore!

This project has pushed me to grow in new ways from learning about Zoom, recordings, and how to hold interviews via the internet. I've grown by exercising deep listening skills that I want to expand and by actively asking questions. I've grown from coming at this project from beginner's mind, no need to know where it was going other than it just wanted to happen with intention. I've grown from being inspired by these human beings and showing up for the spark and hit of inspiration I got about it and following it.

I do believe this project brings more beauty to the world by giving voice to what people in the industry experience. I am a stand for these people and the beauty industry. I know and acknowledge that we are all busy with our lives and may have a hard time finding time to watch/listen to all of these interviews. I am aware of the amount of content...

SO! I invite you to go on a journey with me for the next few weeks. My intention is to highlight two to three(ish-maybe?) interviews per week sharing my thoughts and own voice with my blog and the video/ audio will be posted in the bottom of the blog post. (They are in the Exploring The Beauty Industry 2020 tab under Gallery as well. You are welcome to listen and jump ahead with the interviews if you wish. Everything is accessible to the public now.) I promise not to send you too much email junk! However, my intention is to shamelessly promote myself and share with you my heart and passion. I will do my best to find a balance!

Let’s explore the beauty industry together!

Feel free to share with your friends, families, and communities. (Please!!!)

I also would love and welcome kind and thoughtful comments, encouragement, feedback, and any support you could give to help my project be received by more people!

Thank you for your love and support with this project. It is always astonishing to me when I tell y'all that I am up to something and you tell me that you support all of my projects or anything that I do. You truly bless my heart. I cannot thank you enough for always showing up for me. You set such a strong example for how I want to show up as well. Thank you for teaching me how to show up for my own heart and that I am welcomed and loved as all of me, always. Thank you for the encouragement to say YES to this project and all inspired creations that may come.

With deep love and gratitude,


Founder/ Creator of The Beauty Project

*Most of these videos/ audios were edited by lil ole' me! This is not my interest or my forte in any way, shape, or form! Believe me, they are not perfect -- some of them are really far from it actually. But they do get the job done! It was a good opportunity for me to try something new, find some skills in tech that I don't have or care about, and find clarity for all the other amazing talents that I have that are not editing that I want to use for my life!

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