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Dear Stylist,
You Are Invited to Join The Pay It Forward Movement

What is Pay It Forward Program?

There is an imbalance of equality of respect and money in our world and our country. There is no doubt about that. There is also no doubt about the fact that people give and receive all the time. 

The Beauty Project has created a program where people who are needing hair services that can't necessarily afford them can get them done. And people that want to give a service to someone can have the gift of giving.

This is an opportunity for hairstylists to be of service while still being able to get paid for their skills and talents. 

How does this work? 
1. Sponsor gives money via online Pay It Forward Portal

2. Pay It Forward gift is saved for recipient

3. Recipient gets hair services 

4. Pay It Forward Gift is redeemed  

If you are a salon with more than one stylist, it's suggested to set up a Pal Pal with a separate bank account. This is something you would talk to your accountant to figure out what is best for you and your business. 

This sponsorship is purely a "Pay It Forward" act of kindness. It is not able to be tax write off.

These are the forms I like to use for signing up:

"Are you looking to be a recipient, sponsor or to nominate someone?
Please choose and fill out which form best fits you:"

-Be a Recipient: The Beauty Project Pay It Forward Application

-Nominate Someone: The Beauty Project Pay It Forward Application

-Be a Sponsor: The Beauty Project Pay It Forward Form

Contact with any questions. 

To be featured on the directory will cost a small fee of $10 a year. As we will build this community, please use this coupon code. 
 COUPON CODE: payitforward

Pay It Forward Salon Sign Up: About