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Welcome, beautiful!

I am so glad that you found Jillian with The Beauty Project! An eco-minded, gender neutral hair chair in the quaint Nova Salon in Reno, Nevada.

The Beauty Project is committed to cultivating harmony by blending inner and outer beauty and providing luxury hair services for the everyday human.

I am excited to meet you!

Things are done a little differently around here so please take your time reading through this information!

Please do steps #1, 2, 3 in order and thoroughly. Appointments booked incorrectly will be not be accepted. 

If you have questions about booking, please email:

*For ALL services, please come in with your hair:
Clean - freshly washed within the past 24 hours

Dry - completely dry, no wet or damp hair

Down - worn in its natural state,
free from ponytail/ bun creases, hat hair. 

*Some product is okay if that is how you normally wear it. 

All services are charged by time and materials making your appointment a "session". 
This system allows us to focus on the art and creativity of expression rather than gender or age.

* If you need an exact quote, please do Step #1 and #2 then in Step #3 book a


Please take a moment to read over the cancellation and late policy:

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Image by Lindsay Cash

Hair services customized for the everyday human

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Pricing and Services

 The Beauty Project is GRATUITY FREE

There will not be an option to tip on top of service price.
If you would like to give more, please consider giving to The Pay It Forward Program that I offer.
*Pricing is subject to change without notice.
** Timing many vary due to length and density of hair fabric.


Blow outs, curls, boho braids
$80/hr Weekdays

$100/hr Evenings/ Weekends

By consult only


Dry micro-trims, basic maintenance cuts, reshaping, curly cuts, transformation haircuts. Styling included. 

$80/hr Weekdays

$100/hr Evenings/ Weekends

Typically 1-2 hour sessions


Root touch ups, glazes, balayage, highlights, going lighter, or darker.

Styling included.

​$80/hr Weekdays

$100/hr Evenings/ Weekends 

Typically 2-3 hour sessions

By consult only


$80/hr Weekdays

$100/hr Evenings/ Weekends

New Guests: Services

Step #1

Going to a new stylist can be nerve racking, vulnerable and adventurous! There is room for all of those thoughts and feelings at The Beauty Project. There is a lot of trust that is involved to build the relationship between stylist and guest... Let's begin by getting to know your new stylist, Jillian.

Step #2

Below is a consultation form. It will ask you all the questions that we will go over in our 15 min consultation included in your service. This gives me an idea of what you currently have and what you are looking for. Please fill this form out prior to booking your appointment. New guests appointments without a consultation form will not be accepted. It should only take about 10 - 15 minutes to fill out. Thank you for taking the time to do this as it helps me provide the best service I possibly can for you.

Image by Sebastián Bronley
Image by Warren Wong

Step #3

Book your appointment online! When booking, please choose "NEW GUEST [color/haircut session]" as this will give us extra consultation time together and some buffer time to make sure we get the timing right and all your needs met! I will go over your consultation form and adjust time accordingly.

*New Guest appointments booked incorrectly will not be accepted.

New Guests: Services


Sometimes I’ve wanted to have an “out” or a chance to not have to talk when it is essentially expected to not seem rude. 


We all need time to recharge, take some time for reflection, lean into relaxation. Sometimes we don’t get to just be while out in our busy lives. This is a chance to be still, quiet and turn everything off. 


So after our consultation about your service, we don’t have to talk at all. 



1. Simply booking online like normal.

2. Then choose the “Silent Appointment” service to add on to your services 


During our consultation, please ask for a silent appointment. You don’t have to explain yourself and you can use this whenever you would like, no questions asked. 

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New Guests: Policies
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